Next Public Star Painting Events

21 Oct 2018  – Celebration of Migration – Bristol. Museum and Art Gallery 10.00 – 16.00

17th June -12.30-2.00 Easton Community Centre, Owen Square,

19-23 June – Schools painting along the railway path

29th of June  – 15:30-17:00-Felix Road Adventure Playground,

June (date TBC) Trinity Centre,

June (date TBC) Art West Space

9th of July  – 13.00 – 16.00 – Celebrating Sanctuary, Tribe of Doris, at Queens Square, Bristol Refugee Week Festival.


Everyone welcome.

More ways to get involved

For Individuals and Communities: 

*Become a stars for lives ambassador in your area and paint some stars with your neighbours. Take a photo and send it to us with your statement and details. Fundraise with it and share the news with us.

*Join one of our free public star painting events.

 For schools there are several options for participation. You can choose as many as you want from the following:

*During the week commencing the 19th of June, there will be a number of designated slots in the Railway Path around the Easton area, where groups of students with teachers and assisting staff (max. number of 100 people), will come together and stencil stars onto the asphalt of the path. If you would like your school to participate in this activity please email us asap at:

*You can paint and make stars in your school grounds and make star sculptures out of recycled materials. Remember to send us some photos with a brief statement to add them on to the digital map of Stars for Lives constellations.

*Your art teacher can work with different classes to paint stars on bolts of canvas within your school environment. After completion these bolts of canvas will be taken to be part of the mobile exhibition for the Stars for Lives initiative.

If you are a teacher: 

  • This is an example of active citizenship for a humanitarian cause. By drawing and making stars through this initiative, the students can learn about human rights, citizenship, perspective, geometry, art and design, folk culture and many more subjects. You can join us in developing an educational pack in different languages that will support this initiative to take place in various schools in the future in connection with the school’s curriculum.

Brief for volunteers:

Primarily we are asking for your help in setting up some painting star for lives workshops. 

The sessions will only be taking place over a couple of hours and you can commit to them in any capacity and volume that suits you. The age of children will vary but we are looking mostly between the age of 7 to 15 years old.

The following are required:

  • Special request for street artists/mentors who work with stencils and have experience of working with young people.The work will take a couple of hours of your time during a day. It will involve helping children spray paint star shaped stencils on walls, asphalt, boards and canvas, then painting finer individual details and messages with brushes..
  • Parents/supervisors with experience of working with young people.
  • Location managers that can oversee the setting up and finishing off of each session, communications, organisation and delivery of the workshop materials before the after each session.
  • Workshop assistants that can help set up and clean up, finish off each session.
  • Van transport & drivers for delivery of materials 
  • Photographers that can keep detailed archive of activities and artefacts.
  • Social media and publicity professionals that can be in charge of our social media campaign 
  • Web designers for maintenance and updating of our website
  • Data administrators / web design assistants that can input data from emails and social media accounts into the website 
  • Programmers that can incorporate the data collected into our future projects.