Make a Star. Remember Them. Find Them.

Stars for Lives is a children lead initiative that calls for young people to paint a star for a missing child of the refugee crisis, take a photo of it and raise money for organisations that work in that field. 

Join us and paint some star constellations on your walls across your neighbourhoods starting from the 17th of June 2017 and all through the summer . Take a photo of your stars, email it to us at <> or send via social media using the hashtag #starsforlives & #your city (e.g. #starsforlives #bristol).

Seize the opportunity to fundraise with it and share the news with us!

By sending us a photo of your star via email at: <> with your star’s location, your name, age and a brief personal statement on the issues raised, you will become part of an online digital space map of Stars for Lives constellations. All forms of statements are welcome, text, video or audio recordings so be as creative as you can.

Please follow us on social media and share your work with us by using both the hashtag #starsforlives & by adding your city at the front of the hashtag (e.g #bristolstarsforlives). 


Make a Star. Remember Them. Find Them.